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Universal Steering Wheel IR Remote Control

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Compatible with all branded car decks
* Brand New and High Quality
* Simple install applies various cars
* Ergonomic design, can be fixed on steering wheel, improve great operation convenience and safety for user
* Applies to control various car CD/VCD/DVD or other car electronic products with remote control
* Built-in high compatibility chip, can copy over 95% infrared format on existing market
* EEPROM technology which can be erased over 100,000 times repeatedly,copy function of various remote control easily
* Built-in high capacity memory and up to 10 copy buttons, enough to meet common function of remote control in car
* Simple and easy copy operation, high correct ratio for copy
* Copied function can be saved permanently if not erase it manually
* Power supply by 3V button battery, power consumption is very low
* Which suit for steering wheel locate Left side
* Color: Black